Type: Rail Trail

Length: 21 miles

Surface: Paved

This trail is paved with many of the road and lane crossing paved as well. The bridge approaches are in good shape. The only problem is a lot of leaves and walnuts on the trail in the fall.


Above Average

Grade - Flat



The T-Bone Trail stretches nearly 20 miles between Audubon and Pymosa township in western Iowa. The paved pathway follows a former railroad right-of-way and offers beautiful countryside views. On the trail's north end in Audubon is Albert the Bull Park; if you have the time, don't miss checking out its 45-ton, 30-foot-tall cow sculpture! (source)

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Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail

Future Plans

Planned Mileage: 5 miles - There always seems to be a plan to bring this trail into Atlantic Iowa but so far that has not happened.


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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

T-Bone Ride

11 Sunday Jun 2023
  • Audubon, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    1,441

T-Bone Ride 2021

18 Saturday Sep 2021
  • Audubon, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    2,144

Embrace the Hills

19 Saturday Sep 2020
  • Mondamin, IA
  • Road
  •    8,841

T-Bone Ride

19 Saturday Sep 2020
  • Audubon, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    5,195

T-Bone Trail Bike Ride

19 Saturday Sep 2020
  • Audubon, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    2,505

I Spy Scavenger Hunt

1 Saturday Aug 2020
  • Audubon, IA
  • Other
  •    881

Tour de Tivoli Bike Ride

29 Sunday May 2016
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Road
  •    13,010

Tour de Tivoli Bike Ride

24 Sunday May 2015
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Road
  •    12,762

Tour de Tivoli

25 Sunday May 2014
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Tour
  •    6,098

REAP Assembly - Discuss Statewide Trail Funding

29 Tuesday Oct 2013
  • Council Bluffs, IA
  • Meeting
  •    6,988

Tour de Tivoli

26 Sunday May 2013
  • Elk Horn, IA
  • Tour
  •    12,703

Nishna Valley Bike/Trails Epo

29 Monday Apr 2013
  • Atlantic, IA
  • Expo/Sales/Swap
  •    10,167

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Iowa By Trail

This trail does have a washout about 3 miles south of Brayton. You have to ride about 1/2 mile on highway 71. It does appear that this is being worked on.

#3 - mdavie posted Oct 1, 2016

This is an excellent trail ride. Would love it more if the pass thru towns had a little more to offer. Audubon has quite a history, couple museums and nice town square and of course Albert the Bull! We rode from the rural "trail head" south of the Lorah Cemetery - there are like 3 spots to park in the shade. Also the trail is around 2/3 covered by shade.

#2 - 1turnb posted Jul 22, 2016

Tons of wild plums, patriotic touches, and Albert The Bull made my first visit to this trail a fun one despite the wet weather. This trail needs to be on your "must ride" list! A complete review of my ride is over at Happy Riding!

#1 - iowabikerides posted Sep 10, 2014

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