• Thu December 08 2022
  • Posted Dec 8, 2022
With the weather turning colder, many of us head for our basements where we sweat away the hours on our bike trainers in an effort to stave off the holiday lbs and stay a bit in shape for Spring. Others, however, find joy in riding inside, meeting and riding with others from around the world in a virtual landscape of roads through mountains, hills and plains. Matt Gardiner talks about how he’s found fitness, friends and fun, racing indoors with his Saris - NoPinz teammates.

Matt spent his high school years in West Des Moines playing XBOX, becoming a master of Call of Duty and Halo. In college, he discovered that exercise could help relieve the stress of studying for the CPA. Then, with the CPA Certificate in hand, he took to triathlon, competing at the half-Ironman-length distance events. While training for his first marathon, a bike accident landed him in the OR to repair his broken collarbone. Desperate to keep his fitness, arm in sling, he hoisted himself up on an indoor trainer and began to ride. A friend suggested this new computer program that made riding indoors fun, called Zwift. With Matt, it was an immediate connection, his love of gaming, attention to numbers and date and desire to ride and compete has led him to where he is today - racing indoors year round and managing one of the top eSport teams in the world: Saris/Nopinz. In this episode of Bike Talk with Dave, Gardiner talks about the road from couch to one of the most prolific Zwift riders in the world - as he nears 100,000 miles on the platform.

Find out more about the eSport team Saris/Nopinz:

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