The Iowa Beer Bus is a flexible, capable platform to bring the fun to the event. Either ours or yours!

Look for them on Ragbrai and at numerous events around the state throughout the year.

Built by cyclists for cyclists.


The Iowa Beer Bus carries a vast selection of Iowa's best craft beer and debuted on July 2015 during RAGBRAI

You'll find them again on that Great Bicycle Ride coming up in July with our friends Mott's Sweet Corn on a stick.

They'll also be at events and private parties, if you're lucky enough to get invited to them.

Private Parties?

You bet! Contact us about serving your event. 12 tap capacity, audio, video, and of course ice cold beer.


Coming soon!

sponsoring BIKEIOWA since June 2016


Iowa Beer Bus
412 N State St
Pleasantville, IA 50225 MAP
(515) 210-8824


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