Type: Mountain Bike

Length: 6 miles

Surface: Dirt


Awesome Shape

Grade - Hilly



As of Oct 2020 - The park is almost complete after 2 years of construction. People have been able to use some of its features during construction. It will be more than 130 acres, with 6 and a half miles for Mountain bike trails when it’s done

Location - Where is this Trail?

It’s located at 10616 W. John Deere Rd in Dubuque.


Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail

John Deere donated the land to the Dubuque County Conservation Board. Leaders say it’s a good way to bring people to the area.


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Past Events

Iowa Scholastic Mountain Bike League Series #3 Proving Grounds

4 Saturday Jun 2022
  • Dubuque, IA
  • Mountain Biking
  •    651

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Riding Dirt trails during Freeze and Thaw cycles

  • bikeiowa
  • Fri December 4 2020
  •   2,332

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