Type: Urban Trail

Length: 11 miles

Surface: Paved

Paved (asphalt) with some concrete street marked with sharrows (north of Clive Lake)



Grade - Flat



The Clive Greenbelt  Park and Trail stretches nearly the entire length of this suburb located west of Des Moines.  It is recognized as a landmark feature of the community and has been voted one of Des Moines metro area's great places.  

The Greenbelt Trail follows the watershed of Walnut Creek as it passes through Clive from Waukee on the west to Windsor Heights on the east.  There are a number of parks and trailheads along the trail as well as access to neighborhoods and commercial amenities such as shops and restaurants and even a brewpub.  Foliage is heavy along most of the route.  There's a short section on the north side of Clive Lake that is on lightly traveled neighborhood streets marked with sharrows.  Other than that, the trail is grade separated and passes under most major cross streets including Interstates 35/80.  There are connections to trail systems in adjacent Waukee, Urbandale and Des Moines as well as the Raccoon River Valley Trail.  

For more information, visit the City of Clive website.

Location - Where is this Trail?

 Key points and distances are: 

  • 73rd Street to 86th Street - 1.05 miles 
  • 86th Street to 100th Street - 1.48 miles 
  • 100th Street to 114th Street - 1.16 miles 
  • 114th Street to 128th Street - 1.02 miles 
  • 128th Street to Country Club Boulevard - .78 miles 
  • Country Club to 142nd Street (on street route) - .75 miles 
  • 142nd Street to 156th Street - 1.36 miles 
  • 156th Street to Lions Park - .32 miles 


The trail extends from 73rd Street and the Walnut Creek Trail in Windsor Heights on the east to Lions Park at Wildwood Drive and NW 159th Street and the Heart of the Warrior Trail in Waukee to the west.  Major trailheads include:

  • 22nd Street - west side of road just north of Walnut Creek
  • NW 100th Street - west side of road just north of Walnut Creek
  • NW 123rd Street - at Campbell Recreation Area
  • Lion's Park - west of NW 156th Street on Wildwood Drive

Sites & Attractions

History of the Trail


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Upcoming Events

Bike to X-Out Fragile X

1 Saturday Jun 2024
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Inaugural High Raccoon Trail Grand Fondo

19 Saturday Oct 2024
  • Ankeny, IA
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Past Events

The Grand

21 Saturday Oct 2023 - 22 Sunday Oct 2023
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Cyclocross
  •    1,146

Embrace the Hills 2023

16 Saturday Sep 2023
  • Mondamin, IA
  • Road
  •    5,064

The Water Ride

26 Saturday Aug 2023
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    1,390

Bike to X-Out Fragile X

3 Saturday Jun 2023
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    2,088

Annual Bike Month TOUR Ride (The Older Urban Riders) + Lunch

10 Wednesday May 2023
  • Windsor Heights, IA
  • Trail Ride
  •    772

Cycle Style - A Bike Fashion Show to Benefit Break the Cycle

16 Sunday Apr 2023
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Other
  •    1,039

SPERM 2023

11 Saturday Mar 2023
  • Windsor Heights, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    2,573

Sully's Wild Irish Ride!

11 Saturday Mar 2023
  • West Des Moines, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    1,965

The Grand

22 Saturday Oct 2022 - 23 Sunday Oct 2022
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Cyclocross
  •    1,755

The Water Ride

27 Saturday Aug 2022
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    1,765

Mustache Bike Ride

25 Saturday Jun 2022
  • West Des Moines, IA
  • Other
  •    2,242

FORE! Our Parks - Bike Ride (and golf) - Friends of Des Moines Parks

17 Friday Jun 2022
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Party Ride
  •    3,307

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Closure: 142 - 149th: Details:

#12 - dbpaul8 posted Oct 24, 2016

trail is open as of this afternoon.

#11 - dgk2009 posted Sep 1, 2015

dbpaul8 yes that's probably the best off-street option for getting over/under 35-80.

An option if your destination is more southernly is to use Westown Parkway to cross 35-80. Not entirerely off-street, but the street segments are low-traffic.

Head south at Clive Aquatic Center bridge, then slightly east behind the retirement apartments to get to 109th. Cross University at 109th, or the Barnes & Noble signal a block east. Parking lots and side streets will then get you to Westown. The trail on Westown is now complete with the construction of the new Merchants Bonding building.

Then head north on 68th st, which turns into Country Club Blvd. You can either use the neighborhood streets to pick up the Clive Greenbelt again, or continue north to Hickman/RRVT.

#10 - mculbert posted Jul 13, 2015

For a non-street detour, I would suggest taking the bike trail North along 100th (East side until Hickman and then on the West side) to Douglas. Then along the bike trail along the North side of Douglas to either 156th Street and back to Hickman or you can take the underpass under Douglas about one block west of Des Moines Christian and then through Timberline Park and then connect up to Hickman near the Deerfield retirement community. I know that it will be a short-term inconvenience, but I really appreciate them upgrading their trails to make for easier riding.

#9 - dbpaul8 posted Jul 11, 2015

The segment from the Campbell park bridge (Walnut Creek) to Country Club Blvd. will be closed for reconstruction starting July 20th. The closure is anticipated to run through mid October.

This cuts a the main route between the metro trails and the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

Information and a closure map can be found at the City of Clive site:

#8 - mculbert posted Jul 10, 2015

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