• Posted May 30

The 2024 RAGBRAI Route Inspection Team leaves Knoxville on their way to Ottumwa on Day 5 of the RAGBRAI LI route.

Day 5, Thursday, July 25: Knoxville to Ottumwa

  • Miles: 62.9.
  • Feet of climb: 2,502.
  • Themes: I Ride 4 Day.
  • Pass-through towns: Attica, Lovilia, Eddyville and Chillicothe.
  • Meeting town: Albia.
  • Gravel option: 4.6 miles, 223 feet of climb.

I Ride 4 Day started in 2022, inviting riders to wear jerseys that highlight the fundraisers of their choice. RAGBRAI has long served as a way to draw attention to or raise money for various causes such as cancer research. Ottumwa, the largest overnight town on the route, offers amenities including Beach Ottumwa, a full-scale water park.

    Source - Stats from Philip Joens - Des Moines Register Reporter and 18 time RAGBRAI veteran.


    What does the Route Inspection Team do?
    • We ride the route on the same time and day of the week that RAGBRAI will ride in July.
    • We identify any unsafe traffic patterns like a factory shift ending as we are rolling by, etc..
    • We look for any road hazards or conditions that may need improvements before the event. That data is shared with the county engineers.
    • We visit with all the towns and give them an idea of when they can expect riders in their towns when RAGBRAI comes through.
    • We answer any questions the town committees and their business owners may have.
    • We share the experience with registrants.
    • We showcase the beautiful route and everything these communities have to offer.





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