• Wed April 19 2023
  • Posted Apr 30, 2023

The Linn County Trails Association (LCTA), a non profit and an all-volunteer group, announced Wednesday that they will be donating $300,000 locally to help support continued development and construction of recreational trails.

The Linn County Conservation Board, the City of Cedar Rapids, and the City of Marion will each receive $100,000 for those efforts.

  • $100,000 was donated to the Linn County Conservation Board at its Jan. 23 board meeting, to support extending the Grant Wood Trail east from Oxley Road to Creekside Road.
  • $100,000 was donated to the City of Cedar Rapids at its Jan. 24 council meeting to advance engineering for the Fourth Street Trail, which will connect the Alliant LightLine Bridge across the Cedar River south of downtown to the renovated Cedar Lake north of downtown.
  • $100,000 was donated to the City of Marion, at its Feb. 7 Council Work Session, to advance engineering for the Lucore Road Bridge and Sidepaths Project, to safely separate vehicular and pedestrian/bicycle traffic at a current bottleneck.

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