When the pandemic set in over a year ago, and sent people to working from home, the bicycle industry thrived. But one year later, a significant repercussion of the pandemic has also thrived; shortages in bicycles and parts.

For local shops like Bike Tech, they are now selling more bikes than they are getting. This will cause problems for consumers putting off their purchase.

Bike Tech owner, Brent Johnson, said they're now spending time planning inventory out three-to-six months for certain items, and up to 12-18 months for bikes.

"I mean, we've had to totally change our jobs and how we order on a daily basis just to make sure we've got shelves that are full and bike racks that are full," said Johnson.

Bike Tech has also been seeing a huge backlog in their service work, with shortages in supplies like chains, tubes, gears, and tires, their rate and turning around bike repairs are delayed.

Fun fact: a bicycle is made of 300 different parts. The not so fun fact, is if one part is delayed, a bike cannot be made. One part can hold up the whole process and it's becoming problematic from a supply chain approach.


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