• Tue December 29 2009
  • Posted Dec 29, 2009
Wenzhou, China Admit it, who doesn't enjoy watching would-be crooks failing to pull off a crime? And when they get taken out by a passing witness it is even better, right? Well, add some CCTV footage and a hurled bicycle and you have got our favourite internet video of the day. When a Chinese man saw a pair of motor-scooter riding thieves grab the handbag of a woman in the city of Wenzhou, he reacted in the way we like to think we would have done. He calmly got off his bike, picked it up and waited for the duo to get close enough to him -- he then administered some justice bike-style by hurling it at the crooks, knocking them off their scooter. Unfortunately, a couple of steps into approaching the felled crooks, our hero loses his double-hard-geezer status - by turning on his heels and running away. But the dazed handbag snatchers - who didn't know whether to chase him or try to get back onto their scooter - were soon surrounded by other passers-by who had seen the events unfold and the red handbag was returned. Footage right after the jump.

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