• Posted Jul 1, 2015

Help build the Bus; Get Iowa's best beers where YOU are!

Short Summary

The Iowa Beer Bus is being built right now to bring Iowa's best beers to You! You'll find us on that Great Bicycle Ride coming up in July with our friends Mr. Porkchop and Mott's Sweet Corn on a stick. We'll also be at events and private parties, if you're lucky enough to get invited to them. The problem is, we need more taps! Will you be satisfied with just 5 or 6 beer choices? No, we didn't think so either.

What We Need & What You Get

It costs $500 bucks to completely outfit a tap on the bus. That's where You come in. But, we have great rewards for your help, as well as an opportunity for you to be a part of history. Please take a minute (actually 8, o.m.gracious) to watch our video and see us in action! Check out the awesome perks to the right and thanks in advance for your support.

The Impact

The impact? That's easy and most awesome. When you roll up to the Bus, you won't have to choose from a meager selection of a couple of styles of beer. You'll have the greatest entries from some of Iowa's best craft breweries, and mainstream brews that you've experienced so many, many (many?) times before. Brought to you by people who are dedicated to enhancing the good times, and who know how to do it. The funds from this campaign are going straight to enhancing the service we can provide you.

Risks & Challenges

Primary risks: Time and acts of God. The deadline for completion of the Bus is July 18th, so it can roll to NW Iowa. Be assured that even though it isn't finished right now, the team will do whatever is necessary to make sure it gets done.

In the event of some catastrophe, a plan B is already in place with backup equipment to make sure we can serve you. Serve you beer. Sounds good, doesn't it?


Other Ways You Can Help

We are SUPER excited about this project! Here's to all of our old friends and all of the new the Bus will help us make, Thanks for looking at us, and even if you can't contribute, please use the tools above to help us get the word out! Tweet, Facebook, and social media the heck out of it! Cheers!

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