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Thu Dec 13 2018 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Manhattan Grille (the old Limeys) WDSM
Wdsm, IA


Norfolk & Way Zombies



Distance - barely anything. (Maybe 4-5 miles? Or take the long way back and add 7 miles

This is a dress up your bike with lights and dress up yourself ride. No cost. Just buy a beer at the stops and have fun.  Manhattan's and I will provide prizes for best decorated bike, best costume, and best ugly sweater. Just be there!  Many of us loved to bike to Bait Shop, sign up and bike in to see the Jolly Holiday lights.  We decorated our bikes in lights and dressed up for it, supported an amazing charity (Make a Wish) and had a blast!  I spent an embarrassing amount of money to win a $25 prize on more than one occasion and ... well... The Norfolk & Way Zombies and a lot of others want to do it again.  But for many of us, it's too far to ride to Altoona and do the same thing. 
 So how about having a little ride,  parade style, lit up, and maybe toss some candy to the kids and bring a little joy while having fun, Eh? 

Join us at Manhattan Grille at 5:30 on Thursday, December 13th to ride to Jingle in the Junction. Judging will be from 6:00 to 6:20 and ride out around 6:30-6:45. Park bikes in the patio area and let us know which one is yours.   It's a short ride but it will be worth it!   We will be returning to Manhattan after the junction for mor prizes and fun. 

 If you want a few more miles some will ride Racccoon River park on the way back.
If this takes off,  I'll line up businesses and sponsors and get us a worthy charity to support next year and we will build it to an annual tradition.   If you like, I'm happy to accept Toys for Tots gifts to drop off this year though. 


Manhatten Grille, In the back corner of Normandy Plaza at Grand & Railroad to Valley junction up 5th street, U-turn at post office and back to the festivities in the junction, then back to Manahattn for Holiday cheer and comraderie


Manhattan Grille (the old Limeys) WDSM

Back corner of Normandy Plaza Grand & Railroad WDsm
Wdsm, IA 



None, but you can bring a Toys for Tots donation if you like:


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