Type: Nature Trail

Length: 7 miles

Surface: Crushed Limestone

Well maintained limestone surface. Bridges have been mostly paved although a couple are wood surfaced.


Above Average

Grade - Flat



This multi purpose recreational trail which was formerly a railroad bed has trailhead locations at Wolf Creek Recreation Area, Beaman, and Conrad. Starting from inside the park, a 1/2 mile spur of the trail uses a 72 foot suspension bridge to cross the Wolf Creek and intersects with the main trail. From this intersection, the trail runs west to the towns of Beaman and then on to Conrad. The trail runs east 1.5 miles toward the town of Gladbrook. A trail extension into Gladbrook is being completed(7/2016). Total Comet Trail length is presently about 6.5 miles. Outdoor recreation opportunities on the trail are hiking, running, biking, and cross country skiing. No motorized vehicles of any sort are allowed on the trail and there are no horses allowed. Hunting is also prohibited. An abundance of wildlife can be observed along the trail if you keep your eyes peeled, including whitetailed deer, ringneck pheasant, and numerous rabbits and songbirds. Enjoy a nature hike or bike ride of your own on the Comet Trail.

Location - Where is this Trail?

Conrad, Iowa to Wolf Creek County Park


The head of the trail can be accessed at Reunion Park located at 611 North Main Street. The trail can be accessed along South Jennings St. in Conrad; at the south east corner of Beaman and at Wolf Creek Park. 

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