• Posted Sep 23

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger

"The BIKEIOWA RACING TEAM knows how to put on fun
?and exciting events and this one will be no different."

From any other club, about any other event, a boast like this might come off as false bravado. But take a minute to unpack Capital City Cross, two days of Des Moines cyclocross this coming weekend, and it looks more like an understatement.
Here are five quick reasons not to miss Capital City Cross.

BIKEIOWA is the premier bike advocate for racers in Iowa, bar none. Their website is a welcome resource to all cyclists, a showcase for any event, and a gateway to toeing the line. While bike racers have a reputation for taking themselves too seriously, BIKEIOWA events are low-key and friendly, competitive but always fun.

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