• Posted Sep 11

A great review by John Stonebarger of Crandic Racing

By now BIKEIOWA has an idea of the course they'll stake out in Des Moine's Stone Park. Some features will be very familiar -- for example, those pine trees that slap your face every lap -- some features might be totally new. Guaranteed, though, line up at Capital City Cross Saturday and you'll find artifacts of races past, ruts in parts of the park we aren't even using, lines etched into the oddest spots.

Stone Park is home to BIKEIOWA's Renegade Cross, the biggest regular cyclocross practice in Iowa. Between 50 and 150 riders meet at the park to ride a different course each week. That makes it the most ridden 'cross course in the state other than maybe Jingle Cross at the Johnson County Fairground. And it means BIKEIOWA gets a lot of chances to try things out and get it right.

Who is Crandic Racing?
We are the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Racing Club and we love to race.
We race bikes, we run, we race triathlons, skis, even canoes.
Every racer is welcome: the more the merrier and diversity is our strength.
Whether you have competed many times or you look forward to your first race,
we support and teach and encourage all to toe the line.
Welcome to CRANDIC Racing Club.

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