The Madison County Sheriff’s Department is looking for a hit-and-run driver who they say left something behind after hitting a bicyclist last week: their sideview mirror.

Nancy Henggeler was riding along Highway 92 near Winterset last Thursday evening when she says she was hit from behind. “I was ridingon the shoulder between the white line in the edge of the shoulder and I heard a truck coming up behind me. All of a sudden there’s big ‘boom’ and I felt pain in my shoulder.” Henggeler pulled off to the side of the road and says she watched the truck slow down, then take off again as their sideview mirror fell off. She picked up the mirror and called police.

“I think initially it was that he hit me, and didn’t stop but then you know kind of later realizing how close that front tire was to my back tire,” said Henggeler. “It was so close, that it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Now the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is hoping this mirror will lead them to a suspect. The truck that struck Henggeler is described as an Ford F-150 single cab truck, grey or black in color with mud tires, no tailgate, a loud exhaust and a large piece of the passenger side mirror missing.

Crash Date: June 15th 2023







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