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  • Sun February 12 2023
  • Posted Feb 22, 2023

The Iowa Senate is currently deliberating on a new bill to ensure the safety of cyclists on the roads. Under the current law, code section 321.281(1) prohibits drivers from steering their vehicles toward a cyclist unreasonably. The scheduled fine for this violation is $325.

However, code section 321.482A imposes additional penalties for drivers who violate specific sections of code chapter 321 (motor vehicles and the law of the road) and cause serious injury or death to another person. The proposed bill aims to add code section 321.281(1) to the list of violations subject to additional penalties under code section 321.482A.

The additional penalties for a violation that causes serious injury include a $500 or suspension of the violator's driver's license or operating privileges for a minimum of 90 days, or both.







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