• Thu December 15 2022
  • Posted Dec 15, 2022
Rose Grant’s pockets are stuffed with pal mares, a five-time U.S. Mountain Bike Marathon National Champion, two-time Leadville 100 Champion and so much more. In 2022 she was among 30 elite athletes chosen to compete in the six-race Lifetime Grand Prix. All on dirt, racing began in April at the Sea Otter Classic and concluded in October with the Big Sugar 100-mile gravel race in NW Arkansas. Other races included Unbound, Tushar Crusher, The Leadville 100 and the Chequamegon 40. On episode no. 18 of this podcast, Rose committed to join Dave after the series and share her experiences. Listen in on episode no. 49, where she also talks about her recent retirement from professional cycling and a little bit of skiing!

"Mountain biking has been the vessel that has allowed me to fulfill a divine desire to push physical and mental limits, and adventure to the fullest. My energy flows from my passion, my passion flows out of love, it is love that gives me ultimate joy, and it is joy in which I find my strength."Rose Grant

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