• Lisa Loomis
  • Mon May 17 2021
  • Posted May 17, 2021
BIKEIOWA Note: This is a GREAT story about a GREAT route on the GREAT American Rail Trail.
Here is a section just on the 29 Iowa trails along on the Great American Rail Trail .


Next month Shevonne and Pat Travers, Waitsfield, will embark on a 3,800-mile bike ride from Seattle to Washington, DC, that was inspired in part by a journey her father took in 1939.

“My father did a bike trip across the country in 1939, going east to west. He did it on a one-speed, girl’s bicycle with a bedroll and can opener, sleeping in cemeteries. That’s another reason I’ve been craving doing this trip,” Shevonne said.

They will be roughly following the Great American Rail Trail which sparked their interest a while back and set them into planning mode to see if they could make it work logistically and physically. The rail trail is 51% complete which means they’ll be following a lot of it, but also detouring around on side roads and back roads to stay off major highways.

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