• Thu April 05 2018
  • Posted Apr 5, 2018
We have decided to start Gents Race 8.0 ONE HOUR LATER on Saturday.

So, rather than our first team starting at 8, our first team will now go off at 9.

This is reflected in your captain's email that went out Thursday (4/5/18).

The extra hour will let the sun get higher in the sky, see temps go up a bit and let most of our miles be done during a bit warmer part of the day…..while still getting you to the finish line at a reasonable hour.

We’ve received lots of messages about incomplete teams or teams no longer able to attend. If you are in need of a team, or a team in need of a rider PLEASE POST on the FB page.

IF you have a team with less than 5 riders, YOU CAN STILL RIDE, and we’d love you to still ride…you just won’t end up with an ‘official’ finishing time. For many of you, that’s not the reason you’re riding, anyway. So come ride with us!

If for any reason you aren’t riding, we’d still love to have you at NITEHAWK to enjoy the day! And if you’ve already made a purchase, we’d love to help you get that to FURRY FRIENDS.





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