• Mon November 16 2015
  • Posted Nov 16, 2015
If you are a race director, or know a race director, please complete the attached survey, or forward it to your friend. A group of Race Directors are looking to host a summit to try to assist all events in Iowa, and the midwest, work better.

This is not just for IBRA RD's, this is for events that happen in Iowa and surrounding states that are sanctioned with USAC, not sanctioned with USAC, hate USAC, love USAC, don't know what USAC is...

This is an effort to help all events. The better we all do at working together, no matter what affiliation we have, the more riders that are able to come to our events.

We all get better and stronger by working together.


Iowa Bicycle Racing Association

Find us here:

2014 IBRA Board of Directors:
Jeff Mertz - President & Officials Coordinator
Darian Nagle-Gamm - Women's Racing Advisor
Greg Harper - Vice President
Rick Hopson- Vice President
Larry Howe - Treasurer
Paul Jensen - Race Schedule Manager
Jacob Oyen - Secretary
Dan Rekemeyer - Vice President

Additional Admin:
Brett Griggs - Permit & Upgrade Coordinator
Randy Catron - Juniors Racing Advocate






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