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The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is proud to announce the hiring of their new Executive Director, Luke Hoffman. Luke is coming to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition from Iowa Rivers Revival where he also worked as their Executive Director. Hiring Luke is part of a broader strategy for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to refocus and revitalize their vision of ensuring safe and accessible bicycling for all Iowans.

Board Chair Cory Scott said of the announcement, “We are excited for Luke Hoffman’s inspiring strategic vision as new Executive Director and we strongly believe that he will help accomplish the goals cyclists have for a safer, more accessible cycling environment. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our longtime outgoing Executive Director Mark, for his nearly 20 years of service to our mission and organization.”

Executive Director Luke Hoffman, who has been an avid cyclist in Iowa for many years, spoke on the importance of building public partnerships and empowering cyclists with the ability to make a direct impact on the public safety of our roadways for cyclists and create new opportunities for access. In an announcement video released today on social media Luke said, “My vision for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is that Iowa is known as the most bicycle friendly state in the country for people of all backgrounds or abilities.”

WATCH VIDEO (Luke's background and vision!)

Hoffman continued, “We can do that by advancing a policy landscape statewide that Iowa needs to develop connected communities, shared and safe roads and trails, abundant and accessible bike-to-school and work options, bicycle-friendly road planning, and world-class trail systems that attract and retain talent for our workforce. Click here to learn more about the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s programs and priorities.

With the hiring of Hoffman, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition plans to keep energetically advocating for better bicycle laws, bike infrastructure, like trails, and bicycle-friendly community design, and bicycling as an economic benefit and tourism attraction that helps attract and retain talent through a coordinated strategic vision around bicycling by growing the community of bicycling advocates statewide.


About Iowa Bicycle Coalition
Iowa Bicycle Coalition is a statewide nonprofit organization that works to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling in Iowa through education, events, better policy, and growing a community of supporters.

The coalition works with state agencies and elected officials to shape policy change and locally with community leaders and cities to make Iowa bicycling better. Learn more at:

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