• Posted Jul 7, 2018

Hair of the Dawg provides fresh, flavorful drink mixes that require no doctoring...just shake, pour and lap it up!

Hair of the Dawg is a full line of award-winning drink mixes, including Bloody Mary and Margarita.

Our flagship Bloody Mary mix gets its deliciousness with a combination of clam & beef broth, dill and just the right amount of heat, and NO MSG!

Perfect right out the doctoring necessary.

Try a bottle for your next tailgate, brunch or whenever you just need a little Hair of the Dawg!

Tip: Beef Jerky makes an excellent garnish for a Hair of the Dawg Bloody Mary!


In addition to the flag ship, Hair of the Dawg Bloody Mary Mix, Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix, Margarita/Daiquiri Mix are some of the other "Breeds" of Hair of the Dawg.

See all breeds here.

Where to Buy

Where to Fetch Hair of the Dawg products and apparel. If you favorite establishment doesn't have Hair of the Dawg, ask them to get it!

The Dawgs

Hair of the Dawg is a family-run business from Iowa City who are avid cyclists too!

Mark Gannon - Top Dawg/Sales
Mark is a born salesman. His recent positions in the sputtering mortgage and real estate industries sped his pursuit of his dream to market his mix. Mark likes his Hair of the Dawg with Vodka, a stick of Beef Jerky and two olives.

Leslie Gannon - Marketing & Promotions Dawg
Leslie’s muttley, er... MOTLEY background in event planning, restaurant management, graphic design and marketing is finally coming together. Leslie likes her Hair of the Dawg with Vodka, Celery, Olives, a High Life chaser, and good friends and family around.






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