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Tue Nov 05 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Bob Heuen Shelter at Kennedy Park
Fort Dodge, IA


Iowa DNR, Iowa DOT, Iowa DCA, IDALS



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We don’t need to tell you that biking is becoming a much more popular recreational activity in the state of Iowa. As a result, we believe it is important that bicyclists have the opportunity have their voices heard in what is Iowa’s largest recreational funding program.

Below is a press release announcing meetings being held around the state to garner continued support for a very instrumental state recreation program.

The Resource Enhancement and Protection fund (REAP) has been around for 24 years, supporting conservation and recreation in communities and counties across the state. Of the $20 million annual allocation, an average of $12 million has actually been appropriated to the Department of Natural Resources over the years. The funds are split between several state agencies to further conservation, recreation, soil & water quality and historical projects. REAP has been instrumental in supporting the biking community through local and regional trail projects across the state.

REAP wants to hear from those who have benefited from the program. Next year is the 25th Anniversary of REAP, let’s make sure that when the REAP Congress meets in January, the priorities are set and the accomplishments are highlighted. Below is a press release on the meetings and a list of the remaining REAP assembly meetings. Please grab your neighbor, biking buddy or children and attend one near you!


MEDIA CONTACT: Tammie Krausman, DNR, at 515-281-8382 or

DES MOINES - The public will have a chance to shape the future of Iowa’s conservation and outdoor recreation at any of the 18 Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) assemblies this fall.

REAP is a program that provides grants for and encourages enhancing and protecting Iowa’s natural and cultural resources. The assemblies will show local impacts of REAP.

“We get the opportunity to go out to the public to talk about REAP’s local impact,” said Tammie Krausman, REAP coordinator.

The assemblies will also allow attendees to voice ideas for changes and modifications to REAP and its programs.

“People who are passionate about conservation and outdoor recreation should get involved to make decisions on what’s happening locally,” said Krausman.

The assemblies will also allow participants to elect five members for REAP Congress. REAP Congress will meet Jan. 4 at the state capitol to talk about a variety of conservation topics such as soil conservation, water quality and outdoor recreation.

Next year is the 25th anniversary of REAP, so the meetings will reflect on REAP’s accomplishments. They will also look to the future.

“REAP is as relevant today as it was 24 years ago, and the needs are still as great,” said Krausman.

All 18 assemblies are open to the public and will have open houses from 6 to 6:30 p.m. The assembly will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

REAP received $16 million for fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013 to June 2014). In addition to projects that enhance and protect resources, funding also goes to enhance soil and water quality, historic preservation, roadside vegetation and several other programs that are beneficial to Iowa. REAP has funded projects in every county in Iowa.

People can get involved in REAP outside the assemblies as well. “Most counties have a REAP committee where, if they want to talk more about these things, they can,” Krausman said.

County REAP committee chair person contacts can be found on the DNR’s website at

The remaining meeting locations and dates are listed below. Additional meeting details can be found at:

Afton, Nov. 12

Muscatine, Oct. 22

Burlington, Oct. 23

Fairfield, Oct. 24

Shenandoah, Oct. 28

Council Bluffs, Oct. 29

Fort Dodge, Nov. 5

Lovilia, Nov. 6

West Des Moines, Nov. 13



Bob Heuen Shelter at Kennedy Park

1415 Nelson Ave
Fort Dodge, IA 




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