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Sat Oct 01 2022 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Newton YMCA 1701 S. 8th Ave E.
Newton, IA


Wrecked'em Racing


Hello Buffalo 105 racers,

You did it again.  You hit it out of the park.  You are all good bikers, but I am blown away by your generosity.  You donated 177 pounds of food and $136 to the local food pantry.  This is truly amazing.  I organized it a bit in the back of my pickup and took the attached picture.  On behalf of the food pantry, I want to extend a HUGE thank you!

I have taken all your finish times, as measured on my cell phone, and calculated your race metrics.  Please find attached pdf files with all the numbers associated with the 55 and 105 mile races.  Let me know if you see anything out of line.

As I exit the race director chapter of my cycling career, I want to say thank you to all the racers and riders.  All I did was create virtual start/finish lines, provide route(s), and collect your finish times.  You showed up, donated food and rode your bikes.  We did not always have great weather like this year, but you put on your brave face and rode your bike anyway when the weather was not ideal.  In 11 renditions of this race I never needed to call for emergency medical assistance, I never had to judge a dispute, I never found any litter and I never had a complaint from anyone regarding undesirable behavior.  I am impressed with my cycling friends, not only with your biking ability, but more so with your generosity and your ability to compete and act like mature adults.  There are many other excellent events in central Iowa which will fill the not so massive void of this event.  I recommend:  Spotted Horse Classic, Redfield Rock and Roll, Tour of Central Iowa, Prairie Burn 100, etc.  You will find more races and information on

Until next time, may your gravel roads be firm and smooth!

Brad Patty




Distance - 55, 105 or 155 miles

What: Buffalo 105 Gravel Race starting and ending in Newton, Iowa sponsored by Wrecked’em Racing.
Where: Newton YMCA 1701 S. 8th Ave E. Newton, Iowa 50208
When: Saturday October 1. Check-in must be completed 15 minutes prior to race start (6:30 AM for 155 mile race, 9:00 AM for 55 and 105 mile distances)
Who: You
Why: Because gravel is everywhere, get used to it and embrace it for biking.
Cost: This is the best part – free if you bring something to donate to the local food pantry.
Awards: Did we mention this race is free?

Other important facts:

- This race is done at your own risk. You are responsible for you.
- 55, 105 and 155 miles of glorious Jasper County gravel. There may be some “B” surface road.
- Cue cards will be emailed. A file will be available for importing into GPS devices.
- This is a difficult course because of the amount of elevation gain.
- There are three loops, you will return to the start after approximately 50 miles.
- You may see buffalo on the course. Respect them, they are very big and heavy and can run fast.
- To register, send an email by midnight September 29 to

Rules (just a few to keep it safe and fair):

- Riders undertake this event at their own risk.
- Be safe, courteous and respect private property. No littering or other undesirable behavior.
- Helmets must be worn at all times when on a bike.
- Roads are open to vehicle traffic, there are no course marshals. Yield to vehicles!
- If you leave the course, re-enter at the same location as you left.
- Working front and rear lights are required for the 155 mile racers.
- Let us know if you abandon by calling (641) 840-0535

Email questions to

Brad Patty


55, 105 or 155 miles of glorious Jasper County gravel.  The route will be shared prior to the race.  GPS files will be made available to participants.


Newton YMCA 1701 S. 8th Ave E.

1701 S. 8th Ave E.
Newton, IA 50208



Free!!!  Please send an email to indicating your desired distance.  An email will be returned with further information.


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