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Sat Jun 27 2020 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Villisca Iowa
Villisca, IA


Cory McAlpin



Distance - 50,100,200K

The Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder is still planning on running. We will possibly have a tiered start to both start times. We will make sure there is hand sanitizer available. I simply ask all racers, family members, and other support staff to practice social distancing. If you and your team are ones that aren't too concerned about covid19 that's fine but please respect other people's wishes and their private space if they request it. 

Some changes are being made. The 200k race will still start at 6 am with different waves of start times every 10 minutes or so. How many waves, if any, obviously depend on attendance. The 100k and 50k start time will be 8 am. 

A t shirt is still covered with the entry fee UP TO JUNE 13TH. I am leaving registration open until June 22nd for last minute registrants but after June 13th you will not receive any swag! I have to notify the company at least 2 weeks in advance. You can still get then meal included however. If by some chance our local restaurant is still limited to pick up only, they are still able to provide the meal and are super stoked to serve the racers and their families! Obviously with the way things are going for all restaurants, this is very important to them.

Please be sure to check out our web page

Or our Facebook page "Swig Tour" for more info. While you are there be sure to check out some of my videos and pictures from previous years. The registration link can be found at both places or you can click here to register

Also due to everything that has happened, I am deciding to release all of the routes for viewing in the next week. I will post the routes on the web page and the Facebook page so keep checking back in. There will be two routes listed for each distance. In the event of inclement weather an all gravel route will be used for each distance. The level B routes will always be the primary routes and the all gravel routes are backup routes only. Please download both routes pertaining to your distance into your GPS and have them both ready Saturday morning and we will announce which one we will be using. Also please stay tuned for updates as the event draws closer.

Thank you! God bless and I hope to see you Friday afternoon or Saturday morning June 27th. #swiggredemption 

Registration is now open!

Click HERE!!

In 2020 the Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder is going to do something for the first time and that is you will be going south of the border into Missouri for a little Missouri Level B and gravel action. The roads are narrower and just as hilly!

In 2020 we are offering 3 distances! You read that right! What we are going to do here at the SW Iowa Gravel grinder is offer a 200K, a 100K, and a 50K. That's right a 50k! There will be something for everyone! So come on down to Villisca Iowa on June 27th 2020 and join the fun.

Registration will open on February 18th 2020 at 9 am CST and close on June 22nd 2020 at 9 pm CST. Registration will be $30.

All distances will have 2 routes released. One will be an all gravel route in the event of inclement weather makes the Level B roads too sloppy. And the second route will be the primary route assuming the weather has been dry. Please download BOTH routes that apply to your distance and have them handy. I will announce the morning of the race which route you will be racing on.

There are plenty of camping locations close to Villisca. The Villisca city council unanimously approved to allow tent camping in the city park next to the community building where the Southwest Iowa Gravel Grinder will start next June 27th. So those of you that want to wake up early and not have a long drive to get here this is your ticket. Check out our event website as well as our Facebook page for more info.



Villisca Iowa

207 S 3rd Ave
Villisca, IA 50864


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