Type: Urban Trail

Length: 2 miles

Surface: Paved


Above Average

Grade - Gentle Grades



As of July 2019 - The Trail is now OPEN in certain areas...

In Marshalltown the trail is open for some 2.2 miles extending from the Ann Keyser Trailhead at Wilson Circle to the Summit Street Viaduct.

In Steamboat Rock a short section starting right South of county Hwy D35 heading West, over the river

The former rail corridor will create a trail between Steamboat Rock, loop between Pine Lake State Park
and Eldora and connect to Union, Liscomb, Albion and Marshalltown. 

It will also connect to the nearly 700-mile Central Iowa Trail system. Marshalltown is going to construct a 10'  wide concrete trail starting from the very south point, approximately 7000' in length. With Hardin County starting clear on their North end. Hardin County's section will differ slightly from Marshalltown, in that it will be an 8' concrete trail with a 5' soft extended trail shoulder on one side and a 2' shoulder on the other. 

This will help to accommodate snowmobile usage in the winter and minimize maintenance issues on the concrete path.

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