• Dave Price
  • Fri January 20 2023
  • Posted Jan 29, 2023

Jo Ann and Peter Bengtson admit that returning to Iowa was really hard. Washington to Iowa is a long way but the distance wasn’t the reason for their hesitation. They originally planned to retire and move to Iowa to be near their daughter, Ellen, who had taken a job as a chemical engineer. Instead, they returned to push for more protections so someone else’s daughter doesn’t suffer the same fate as Ellen.

“When we see cyclists…when I see cyclists…I think…why Ellen?,” Jo Ann Bengtson said, “Why that moment in time? Why was she the lamb that was slaughtered? It was just a few seconds that would have made all the difference. Three feet. And she’d be alive today. So when I see a cyclist I wish them the best. I know they’re out there having a great time. I just wish them safety."


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