A cyclist who died after a car hit him in Coralville last month has helped to save lives after his death. Andy Pavlovec was just 36-years-old.

“This whole ordeal’s just been tragic but we all love him and we miss him,” said Daniel Jackson, Andy’s friend.

When Andy died, he left behind two sons, Evan who will be 14 on Sunday, and Riehle who is 11. His family said he adored his boys.

“He went to the parks, he loved to cook, he was teaching them how to cook,” said Vicki Pavlovec, Andy’s mom.


Recycling was important to Andy and something he instilled in his kids, so it wasn’t too surprising for his family to learn he was a registered organ donor.

Andy’s liver, heart, kidneys, and lungs were used in five life-saving transplants.

There’s no question on the amount of impact Andy made on those he knew.

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