• Sat March 27 2021
  • Posted Mar 27, 2021
Due to the melting snow, the Central Iowa Trails Association has closed six of its nine trails to keep folks out of the muddy mess.

With the absolutely gorgeous weather central Iowa has been experiencing over the last week, many are hoping to hit the trails and get some much-needed time outdoors.

However, with snow still melting, the dirt trails can be a muddy mess.

The Central Iowa Trails Association said when people don't obey signs that say "trail closed," they leave large ruts and footprints on the trail, making it wider and uneven.

"It's hard to stay off the trails, like it's so beautiful outside," said Shae Rossetti, vice president of the CITA. "You know we want to be in nature. Right now what we're telling people is, 'hey gravel's great, go ride gravel,' and that's kind of what we do in the winter and during the spring thaw cycle."

Rossetti said the footprints left in the trails take "a lot of volunteer hours" to fix and maintain.

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