The avid cyclist was a fixture of the Danville community who led a quiet life of resilience and determination.

Perched atop a purple bicycle and sporting a brightly colored vest, June Judd frequently toured the streets of Danville and beyond.

Wear and tear brought on by old age had robbed the 82-year-old Danville native of her ability to quilt and cross-stitch as she had in the past,and old injuries made it difficult for her to walk, but when it came to cycling, there was no stopping her.

"That bike was her pride and joy, and we tried and tried to get that bike from her," said Judd's daughter, Christine Cline, explaining she and her siblings worried about their mother's safety due to health issues. "No, she would not let us take it out of there. Her bike was her pride and joy. It really was. She rode it everyday, rain or cold, up until there was ice."

photo credit: The Hawk Eye

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