• Mon June 15 2020
  • Posted Jun 21, 2020
The Cycling Without Age Decorah Affiliate is assisting the Barthell Eastern Star Home/Arlin Falck Assisted Living with their purchase of a new "Chat" bike -- a three-wheeled bicycle solution for the elderly.

The rickshaw-like bike is designed for elderly adults who are no longer able to ride a bike on their own. An accompanying person pedals from behind while one or two persons ride in the front-facing seat. The Chat gives people the opportunity to spend time outdoors and chat while enjoying a comfortable bike ride together. Elderly people can, for example, explore the city with young people and take on the role of the 'guide' and tell stories from the past.

The cost of the new equipment will be approximately $20,000, which includes the "Chat" from All Ability Cycles in Jefferson, Iowa; an enclosed trailer; helmets; bicycle tools; emergency cell phone and extras. Drivers will be trained on the Chat before being allowed to take any passengers and helmets will be recommended for all participants.







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