Whether you're biking for leisure or taking part in any of the two major Iowa bike rides this summer, the warmer weather is getting bikes back on the road.

The weather is starting to get warmer, which means more people are getting outside and getting some much needed fresh air.

That includes excersising, and taking bike rides. But July will be here for you know it, and that's when not one, but two major bike rides will be held in Iowa: the longtime RAGBRAI, and the new Iowa's Ride, and training for the cross-state rides might be on your mind.

Chad Colby with Wayne's Ski, Cycle and Fitness primarily goes mountain biking, but is considering doing a day of either of the rides.

"If it falls on one of my days off, I might do a day of it."

The slightly warmer weather is getting riders into his store to get their bikes tuned up.

"There's a fair amount of people in the area that spend time snow biking as well. A lot of us bike year round, but as far as being out in the open on gravel roads and paved trails, we're seeing a little bit of the snow disappear and we're out able to do other things a little earlier."




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