• Mon February 03 2020
  • Posted Feb 3, 2020
THANKS to all those who registered for the 43rd annual BRR Ride. the Perry Chamber of Commerce and the businesses in Perry do SO MUCH to make this ride a success!

- KUDOS to the 647 who registered!
- KUDOS to the 99 who registered with a $15 "I Support the Ride" donation!

As of 12:30 pm 1278 cyclists left Perry bound for Rippey. If our math is correct, that is 532 cyclists who didn't register. That would have been another $7,980 of intake if cyclists would have just given the minimum $15 donation to support the ride.

Perry is preparing to be the HUB for cycling where the Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail will converge. These are amenities you and your children will use for years. These little bit of funds go a LONG way in terms or trail maintenance, signage and trail promotion.

Feeling guilty? You can still donate to the Let's Connect Trail project here.

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