Cycling season is officially upon us, and for motorists in Dallas County that means it’s imperative to watch out for people using the many trails in the area.

Sheriff Chad Leonard points out that there are more and more people using the Raccoon River Valley Trail and High Trestle Trail every year, and many of them may not be familiar with the area. As such, he reminds motorists and cyclists alike that they should be watchful for intersections, particularly those that are hidden. “You know, we have a lot of trees and brush, and motorists can’t always see you. And we have experienced fatalities at some of these intersections in the past years, and we don’t want to deal with any more in the future. So if you’re a motorist, pay attention to where the bike trail is, and pay attention to those intersections. And we encourage the bicyclists, if there’s a stop sign in front of you, stop. (The) motorist has the right-of-way there in those intersections. So pay attention!





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