• Wed April 24 2019
  • Posted May 3, 2019
Editorial: Historic flooding has left recreational trails underwater and forced more bikers onto city streets. Patience and caution are need from drivers and bicyclists.

Fred Hubbell survived a bicyclist’s greatest nightmare: being hit by a car. The 68-year-old former gubernatorial candidate was riding in Arizona earlier this year when a driver failed to yield before turning right at a red light.

He spent more than two weeks in the hospital, according to his wife, Charlotte. She recently told the Cedar Rapids Gazette he underwent multiple surgeries for a broken pelvis. His hip joint is dislocated, and he may need another surgery. He has losta lot of muscle —about 14 pounds— and it will be months before he has the strength to walk without a walker.

Recovery will be a long process.

Fred is considering someday bicycling again, “but he’s rethinking his commitment to riding on all terrains,” Charlotte told the newspaper. “He’s thinking he’ll stick to trails” rather than city streets.

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