As clean up is in it's early stages, the city of Clive isn't sure how long the repairs will take. The city has thousands of dollars in damage to repair, with just a small time frame to do it.

"This is apart of the city's history, it's a part of our present and it's certainly going to be a part of our future as well," says Clive Assistant City Manager Peter De Kock.

Downed trees, a muddy pathway and puddles of water litter the Greenbelt Trail from 114th to 86th street. "You can see all the mud, you can see how it's come through and when that dries off it gets really slick," says Peter.

Running along the trail isWalnut Creek and it's rushing water. Peter says "Fortunately in this situation, the water came up relatively quickly, this is a flash flooding prone creek.""Damage can be caused by fast moving water that causes erosion, washing out on stream banks, getting caused by debris that runs into bridges and so forth."

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