Editor's note: This story was adjusted from its original publication to reflect that Robb Philippus had a cell phone in his truck the morning of the crash.

The Iowa State Patrol is examining the cellphone records of a driver accused of hitting and killing a retired Florida newspaper writer on the opening day of RAGBRAI.

No charges have been filed against Robb Philippus, 34, of Glenwood, who police say struck cyclist Wayne Ezell, 72, from behind July 24 on U.S. Highway 34 near Glenwood.

Philippus had a cellphone in his truck the morning of the crash. The State Patrol filed a search warrant to obtain his cellphone records from that day.

Lt. Randy Bulver, district commander for State Patrol Post 15, saidhe could not comment on what the records search discovered or whether charges would be filed. He did say the crash was still under investigation.

"Evidence such as cellphone records may indicate that someone may have been doing something to contribute to the causation of the collision, especially if there is any indication in a delayed reaction where someone may have been distracted," Bulver said.








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