• Mon November 02 2015
  • Posted Nov 2, 2015

Another year, another winter bicycle overhaul special at Kyle's Bikes. You've been putting plenty of miles on your bike and haven't had time to bring it in. Now that it's turning cold out there, get it in here... and save some money!

To encourage you to bring your bike to us and to keep our mechanics busy this winter, we are offering a super low price on our pro-level overhaul.

The Winter Bike Overhaul Special

Bring your bike into the store between now and Monday, February 8, 2016 and get our Pro Bicycle Overhaul, regularly $200, for just $125.

For the ultimate in winter bike maintenance, we completely disassemble your bike and restore it to nearly new. Your bike will be returned to you clean, polished, re-lubed, and ready to go!

This offer is for single-rider, upright bicycles only. It is not available for tandems or recumbents.

  • Complete disassembly and reassembly of entire bike
  • Cables replaced(if needed)
  • Derailleur adjustments, front and rear
  • Wheels trued
  • Replace any worn parts(if needed)
  • Drive train cleaning (cranks, chain, cassette, and derailleurs)
  • Complete lube (chain, cables, pivots, and pulleys)
  • Frame cleaned and waxed
  • Bearings overhauled and adjusted (replaced if needed)
  • Brake adjustments, front and rear, and pad installation (if needed)
  • Handlebars tape/grips changed (if needed)

Component parts and incidentalsare an extra charge; labor for any installation is included. It is very likely we will recommend replacingcables/housing and tape/grips.It is possible we will need to replacebrake pads, tires, tubes, chainrings, chain, cassette, bearings, and bottom bracket.

Why We Recommend Some Parts Be Replaced

Cables and housings, unless they’ve been replaced fairly recently, come in worn down by dust, dirt, and moisture. New cables and housing are a great way to improveshifting and braking.

Brake pads are often neglected until they are past the wear indictor. They are essential to your safety

Bar tape is an appreciated comfort upgrade and there are gel inserts available for under the tape that remove road vibration and create a more comfortable ride. Get that old dirty tape off your bike.

Tires and tubes are a good item to replace during this labor special so that you know that you have fresh rubber in the spring. Let us know if you'll be putting this bike on the trainer this winter, and we'll recommend a trainer tire.

The chainoften gets overlooked. Riding on a stretched chain will shorten the life of the entire drive train, necessitating the replacement of the chainrings and cassette.

Bring Your Bike in Now

The $125 covers virtually all the labor that we could perform on a bicycle. Now is a great time to upgrade anything you’ve been thinking about. Plus, we have great prices on parts.

Simply bring your bike to Kyle’s Bikes at 1840 SW White Birch Circle, Ankeny, Iowa for the winter bike overhaul. No appointment is necessary. The last day to bring your bike in is February 8, 2016. Call 515­-965-­0333 if you have any questions.






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