• Fri May 15 2015
  • Posted May 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton Swing in Iowa to Focus on Small Business and Organizing

Hillary Clinton will make her second campaign trip to Iowa on Monday, May 18 and Tuesday, May 19. During her visit, she will discuss ideas to expand small businesses in Iowa - an issue Clinton heard about during her previous trip through the state.

On Tuesday, May 19, Hillary Clinton will host a discussion at a small business in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with members of the small business and lending communities. During her recent trip to Nevada, Clinton said, “I want to be the President for small business.”

In addition to the small business roundtable, Clinton will meet with Iowans who are working hard in support of her campaign. Clinton is dedicated to earning the support of every caucus-goer and will join local volunteers, organizers, and supporters in their homes to discuss and build her team's "Commit to Caucus" program.

Monday May 18

Hillary will attend a grassroots-organizing event at a Mason City home.
WHERE: Mason City, IA
WHEN: 2:45pm CST

Due to space, this event is pool coverage only. The campaign will not be able to make available locations for live feeds and stand ups.

Tuesday May 19

Hillary will participate in a discussion with members of the small business and lending communities
WHERE: Bike Tech, 217 Washington Street, Cedar Falls, IA
WHEN: 10:00am CST

Due to space restrictions, this event is open to pre-credentialed print media and local TV cameras. The event will be pooled for national TV and stills.

To cover Tuesday's event, please RSVP by NOON CST on Monday, May 18 to with your name, outlet, email, and phone number.
RSVPs do not guarantee access because of limited space at the event’s location. You will receive a confirmation email if you receive a credential to cover the event.

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