• Wed May 29 2013
  • Posted May 29, 2013
Several places in Iowa have the Bike Fixtation stands including on outside el Bait Shop and Mullets in Des Moines

Bike Fixtation, LLC, the recognized leader in public use bicycle repair equipment, has announced the release of two new air solutions for public use bicycle repair stations and bikeinfrastructure products.

“We saw a real market need for a cost-effective, durable, and very secure public bike pump” says Chad DeBaker, President and co-founder of Bike Fixtation. “We applied our deep industry experience to create a high quality bike pump that can stand up to rigorous use and conditions, and enhance the public’s access to a worry-free bicycling experience.”

Bike Fixtation’s new High Security Bike Pump is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges associated with public use and deliver the high performance features and benefits sought by bicycle/pedestrian coordinators, recreation departments, universities, and transit planners. The pump’s design features heavyduty stainless steel construction, solid core pump rod, proprietary long life piston seal, and a proprietary hose technology that resists cutting yet does not fray from abrasion.

“This product is ideal for frequent, repeated use in conditions that are challenged with minimal security and rugged weather conditions. It can be installed on mountain bike trails, campuses, or any highly-trafficked area.” said DeBaker. The pump was also designed to international engineering standards and is CE certified, making it suitable for use in any public space worldwide.

The pump is available with or without a waterproof pressure gauge, two different hose lengths, an optional tool kit, and can be installed with the same fasteners and fastener spacing as Bike Fixtation’s existing Public Bike

Bike Fixtation is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and designs, manufactures, and sells public use bicycle repair stands, pumps, and vending machines for bicycle infrastructure projects. For more information about Bike Fixtation visit

Chad De Baker or Alex Anderson
(612) 568-3498







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a longer hose wouldnt be a bad thing.

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