• Fri July 10 2009
  • Posted Jul 10, 2009
Des Moines, IA Just a few years ago, getting to Gray's Lake in Des Moines on a bicycle required taking your life into your own hands. The irony was lost on no one. In the midst of the city, the path around the lake was a gem that attracted walkers and bikers - but you couldn't easily get there. Not without riding on the grass alongside Fleur Drive. Or taking the narrow, busy street and praying hard. Or putting the bike in the trunk and driving there. Des Moines has come a long way since then, adding nearly 10 miles of paved trail in the metro area the past nine years, including a trail running underneath Fleur so pedestrians don't even have to wait for traffic. Now getting to Gray's Lake is a breeze - from Saylorville, Beaverdale, Clive or Martensdale. If you're ambitious, you could pedal to Big Creek, rent a paddle boat, hop back on your bike, pedal to Gray's Lake and rent another boat. Pedal. Paddle. Pedal. Paddle. Or just ride down to the farmers market on Saturday and get a cinnamon roll. The metro area's dedication to connecting existing trails and providing safer routes to get places has given people more recreational and commuting options. Now there's an opportunity to voice your appreciation - and your ideas for the future. A bicycle summit Tuesday offers the opportunity for the public to offer comments on a bicycle plan that's under development and share thoughts on what the city should do in upcoming years. Join in the community planning. You can park your bike on the racks outside.

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