• Wed May 27 2009
  • Posted May 27, 2009
statewide OMAHA, Neb. -- Law enforcement officials in Nebraska and Iowa are becoming alert to a new trend in illegal drug manufacturing that allows methamphetamine users to make the drug in a smaller space and keep it in containers like pop bottles. Authorities call it the "one pot" method or "shake n' bake" method. Instead of needing a lab space -- like in a house, apartment or shed -- users mix the chemicals in sealed containers that are easy to hide and easy to disguise. The process uses a sealed container that builds up pressure and can easily cause a large explosion due to the volatile the chemicals involved. In Alabama, an 11-year-old girl was critically injured when she took a drink of what she thought was Sprite but instead was a bottle of chemicals used in making meth. A 42-year-old relative who lived nearby was arrested after police found numerous plastic bottles of meth in his trailer. "A lot of people wouldn't think twice about seeing a pop bottle or something in a vehicle," said Cass County, Neb., Sgt. Sandy Weyers. "You can seriously injure yourself, or even death, if you open one of those containers and it's in the wrong stages," she said. A former meth user, who identified himself as Steve, said he made the drug using the one-pot method. "The way I did it, it took a long time. It took quite a few hours, and to get it done in an hour or two, that's pretty scary," Steve said. He was addicted for seven years. He began borrowing from family and friends. Then he started stealing. He was eventually caught and charged with possession of pseudo-ephedrine to manufacture meth. Steve now talks to groups and works with people coming out of prison. 'It's neat when you can see a person's life get turned back around. Mine did," Steve said. He got sober at a treatment center, where he now returns to share his story. Officials said the trend is gaining in popularity across the entire Midwest and poses a threat to not just the addicts, but also the general public because the containers are easily discarded in public areas or along roadways. Officials said that if you find a bottle that looks suspicious, you should not pick it up. The process normally leaves a muddy brown color inside the bottle. You can call law enforcement officials to help properly dispose of the bottles for you.

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