• Mon July 09 2007
  • Posted Jul 9, 2007
by Erin Therese KIMT News 3 The people at the final race of this year's Bicycle, Blues, BBQ Festival said the sport of cycling is at an all time high, and they hope that high will lead to a trail system, which will lead to more bikers, and more trails. It's a cycle they hope doesn't end anytime soon. Half way across the world, the Tour de France, has brought out the Pros and the Average Joes, but in Clear Lake guys like Matt Curtis, are just as addicted to the sport of cycling. "it's addicting and nobody knows why, you start riding your bike and no body wants to stop," said Matt. "I talk to so many different people and they say, "I gotta go ride, I gotta go ride." They forget to mow their lawns and they forget some of their work duties," he added. Evan Peterson is hooked on the sport. "You get in a breakaway and a final sprint, and that adrenalin, it's amazing. There is nothing like it," he said. Something else had Evan's adrenalin pumping Sunday, "a guys saddle hit my handle bars and bumped wheels and went down," he said of his crash, "Ate a little skin. But it worked out, got back on the bike, and ended up finishing." Money raised during the Bicycle, Blues and BBQ weekend will go to creating a larger Cerro Gordo County trail system. Matt's sure a better network of trails will keep the sport growing, "trails definitely bring bikers, there is no question about it." The North Iowa Spin Club is all about more trails and more bikers, "we are always looking for new racers trying to get people into the sport," said Matt. One of those new people is the clubs youngest member, Madi Johnson, 14, who took home the gold. "I got first in the juniors woman's but I was the only girl, so competition wasn't to hard. But I stayed up with the boys pretty good and I almost caught them at the end," said Madi with a smile. She said next year she'll spin right past the boys and across the finish line. This year, 40 more people crossed that finish line than last year. The registration fees of the 131 participants will go towards improving the trails. The North Iowa Spin Club is a division of the North Iowa Touring Club. If you're not a sprinter and long bike rides are more your style R.A.G.B.R.A.I. might be the ride for you. This year the ride begins in Rock Rapids and ends in Bellevue on July 28th. Hampton is the closest stop the riders will make to our area. For more information and the results from the races check out Links We Mentioned.

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