From Des Moines River flood mitigation to new trail connections, Iowa's capital city has multiple long-term, high-dollar infrastructure and renovation projects on the horizon.

Capital improvement projects are major expenditures that involve the construction and renovation of city-owned buildings and infrastructure. These projects have a minimum life of 10 years, cost at least $10,000 and are funded fully or in part through means such as bonds or federal or state funds.

Des Moines' CIP budget for fiscal year 2025, which starts July 1, totals $215.6 million. Des Moines' CIP budget typically includes a five-year outlook, which includes projects totaling $975 million.

According to the city's engineering department, here are the top seven projects you should be on the lookout for through 2028:

BIKEIOWA NOTE: We just listed the bicycle-related projects.

  • Installing a 10-foot-wide trail along University with off-street, raised bicycle lanes between 41st Street and 42nd Street that will have a 2- to 3-foot buffer from the curb. A similar concept will be built between 47th and 48th streets.
  • Installing pedestrian crossings along University with medians where people will be able to pause as they cross the road. Locations include between 39th and 40th streets, 41st and 42nd streets and 45th and 46th streets.
  • Army Post Cooridor - Adding a path for pedestrians and cyclists on the north side of the road.
  • Merle Hay - study to analyze insufficient pedestrian and bicycle accessibility.

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