• Fri May 03 2024
  • Posted May 3
UPDATED 5/9/24 - Added Tony's Celebration of Life to be held at Outskirtz on Sat, May 11th starting at 2pm.


Outskirtz Bar is located in Orilla right on the Great Western Trail and they have been serving cyclists since 2017.

Tony Webb, the owner passed away on May 2nd 2024.

This message was posted by his partner on Facebook on May 3rd 2024.

With a heavy heart I post my best friend and husband, Outskirtz’s unofficial therapist and owner Tony passed away yesterday. I’ll keep posting with updates on services as they are made.

Our amazing staff jumped in last night and worked together so the bar can stay open during this time. You all definitely became our second family and we appreciate your kindness and support.

~ Joyce


Outskirtz Bar has been a BIKEIOWA Sponsor since 2017



On Tues, April 30th, a group of us rode after the rain from Cumming Tap to Outskirtz after a little gravel ride. Tony was there and served us up some beers. We all walked out to the gazebo swings to enjoy the weather.

Tony and I said a brief and simple "Hello" and "How's it going?", but that was all. I wish we would have had a little more discussion that night.

RIP Tony.






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