On June 3, 2021, Bobby Fitzgerald Hunt Jr drove over seventy miles per hour through red lights and on the gravel shoulder of East Kimberly Road at three in the afternoon. He was drunk. By bad coincidence Alex Marietta left work on his bicycle and crossed East Kimberly Road with the traffic light in his favor at the same time. Fitzgerald struck and killed Alex and fled the scene.

On May 11, 2022, Fitzgerald was convicted and sentenced to 55 years in prison for homicide.

A Ghost Bike is an old bike, painted white that is left behind as a signpost of a tragic death caused by a motorist. It’s a reminder for drivers to cease distracted driving and share the road with cyclists.


Recently, an anonymous Good Samaritan left a Ghost Bike for Alex where he was hit and killed. On Sunday September 10, 3PM, we’ll dedicate Alex’s Ghost Bike. His widow, Kristen Marietta, will say a few words and answer questions. The ceremony will take place at the intersection of Davenport Avenue and Kimberly Street in Davenport, Iowa.

More on the death of Alex Marietta

Crash Date - June 3rd 2021

18th Annual Ride of Silence in Des Moines riders rode in honor of those who could not 5/19/2022
Davenport man receives 55-year prison sentence for killing bicyclist 5/17/2022
Alex Marietta's killer to be sentenced on May 11th in Davenport 5/11/2022
Scott County jury finds man guilty of homicide by vehicle in death of cyclist 3/7/2022
More severe charges filed against man who struck and killed cyclist in Davenport 7/19/2021
Wife of fatal bicycle hit-and-run victim: ‘This should not have happened’ 6/18/2021
Another bicyclist hit and killed in the Quad Cities






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