• Posted Sep 29, 2006

Iowa ranks fifth in the nation in Rails-To-Trails miles, totaling more than 800. more facts...

  • We host the longest, largest and oldest touring bicycle ride in the world with RAGBRAI.
  • We are a major connection for the national American Discovery Trail, which travels from the East to the West coasts.
  • We are developing 280 miles of bicycle trail in Iowa as part of the 10-state, 2,000-continuous-miles Mississippi River Trail, from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. And yet Iowa is still near the bottom in the amount of public land available for trail development, at less than 2 percent of 36 million acres.
  • Iowa is also the most biologically altered landscape in North America, with 93 percent put to agricultural use and 5 percent in cities and roads.
  • More than 60 percent of our state is paved in only two species: corn and beans.
[excerpt from Mark Edward's Sept 2006 trail article] Read the entire article here

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