• Posted Dec 13, 2022

The 2022 series is completed! Thanks to our sponsors we can announce the Champion awards and non-profit paybacks!

The Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series (IMBCS) is dedicated to providing a series of mountain bike races in Iowa with different levels of competition for Iowans of all ages and abilities. This means that everyone can participate: from the seasoned, experienced rider to the first-time rider to those riders who only compete for fun and socialization. The Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series was launched in 2002 as a way to promote Iowa mountain biking and here we are 20 years later still promoting the sport we love.

BIKEIOWA and the BIKEIOWA Racing Team hosted the series for the 2022 season by promoting each race, the series, collecting and tabulating points and awarding winners at the end of the series. a BIG THANKS to Jason Scholbrock, Josh Magie and Scott Sumpter for their commitment and time toward the series promotion and administration.

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CONGRATS to each Champion!
As part of the series, each Champion receives a monetary award to cover each IMBCS race they participated in.

EXPERT - Cat 1 - Powered by Bastion Capital
  • Women 19-39: no one qualified
  • Women 40+: no one qualified
  • Men 19-39: Michael Maney
  • Men 40+: Keith Snoop

SPORT - Cat 2 - Powered by Bike Rags
  • Women 19-39: Kim Breuer
  • Women 40+: no one qualified
  • Men 19-39: Charlie Bui
  • Men 40+: Jim Conard

NOVICE - Cat 3 - Powered by Papa Johns and Velorosa
  • Women 19-39: no one qualified
  • Women 40+: Carol Windmiller
  • Men 19-39: Austin Engstrom
  • Men 40+: Eric Perry

Marathon - Powered by Sugar Bottom Bikes
  • Women: Libby Abbas
  • Men: Scott Shelman

Juniors - Powered by Hildreth Construction Services
  • Girls 14U: no one qualified
  • Girls 15+: no one qualified
  • Boys 14U: Mason Wilson
  • Boys 15+: no one qualified
  • Kid's races were not tracked for the IMBCS Series
  • Sponsorship monies are used to payback each non-profit based on 133 Kids who raced throughout the series

"no one qualified" means the racers in this category did not race the required minimum number of races per the IMBCS Technical Guide.


The IMBCS Series promotes races organized by Iowa's non-profit organizations that build the dirt trails you ride and organize the races. As part of the series we are able to "PAY BACK" funds to each non-profit based on the "Kids Race For FREE" sponsorship from Hildreth Construction Services and leftover sponsorship funds where there were no qualified champions (see sponsors above).

All races allowed kids and juniors to race for free so these funds will be 100% profit to these organizations. Allocations are calculated by the leftover sponsorship funds and by the number of kids and juniors that participated in each race.
  • $1422.82 - FORC -Friends of Off Road Cycling (2 races in the series)
  • $585.41 - ICORR - Iowa Coalition of Off-Road Riders (2 races in the series)
  • $155.68 CITA -Central Iowa Trail Association (1 race in the series)
  • $429.74 - CVAST - Cedar Valley Association for Soft Trails (1 race in the series)



Thanks to all who participated, organized, volunteered, sponsored, spectated and cheered at this year's Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series. Big High-Fives to the BIKEIOWA Racing Team for hosting the series!



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