Russ and Laura from 'The Path Less Pedaled" passed through Iowa in November making several stops and giving presentations on bicyucle tourism and talkin gaob ug their travels that started in 2009.

One of the stops was to see the High Trestle Trail, and you know what is close by to the trail...? The Flat Tire Lounge! Check out this video where Scott Olson, co-owner is interviewed about how Madrid has come alive since the trail opened.

The Flat Tire Lounge has been a BIKEIOWA sponsor since July 2011.

Bikes, Beer and Business: The Flat Tire Lounge from Russ Roca on Vimeo.




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As usual clunker is really contributing to society. As for FTL being the only business that opened, how about Trail Side Rentals, Saddles, Browns, and Baldy's (now closed), just to name a few. Also, I know for a fact other businesses like Elmo's, VFW, 2 Bears lodge, Swede Point Park etc are seeing more business during biking months. But keeping spewing your nonsense, it really brightens up my day!

#7 - solsen300 posted Mar 3, 2015

klunker, are you high or something?  From Madrid's own website:
"Jensen Park – 3rd and Main Streets

Jensen Park is a small jewel-like park next to City Hall. It contains a gazebo that can be used for small events, playground equipment for young children, beautiful gardens, large shade trees, benches, and a drinking fountain."

I then brought up Google Earth and took a look-see.  Jensen Park is indeed a pretty little park that occupies about half of a city block; and yes, it is kitty-corner from the Post Office.  But I didn't see a whole lot of vehicle parking (a necessity if something is going to be a trailhead), nor did I see anything that remotely looked like a climbing wall or Frisbee Golf or anything else other than a gazebo and a couple of benches.  And as for sledding and ice skating, there isn't a lot of snow and ice in Iowa between May and October, the main months the trail is going to be used.

And where is the trail, by the way?  Underneath the Main Street overpass, with no connection from it to the park or vice-versa.  Sorry, klunker; try again.

#6 - BicycleBill posted Jan 3, 2015

Woodward has the country club and Slater has built two swimming pools why in the 50s and 60s when Madrid was prosperous didn't build a pool? A couple of brothers that I know and lived around there all of their lives I asked them and one of them blurts out "cheap Italians", I couldn’t keep from laughing my side hurt, but there might be some truth to that. I always thought maybe if we pronounce Madrid correctly things might work better. Really the town would have gotten more bang for the buck if Jensen Park would have been designated as the trailhead. Jensen Park could have opened up more options for non-organized activities, climbing wall, sledding hill, ice skating. It was before the dopping scandel and USPS was right next door, why would you pass that up? At that time Team USPS TH sounded good to me.

#5 - clunker posted Jan 2, 2015

I agree with Clunker, it takes more than a greasy spoon and a bar.

#4 - borasam posted Dec 30, 2014

The town has seen an uptick in business that would not be there without the trail. I live in Madrid too and see it everyday during the warmer months. You see people buying gas or snacks at the two convenience stores in town. There are bikes outside the Subway getting something to eat. There is an access to get to the downtown area that is well marked and can get a person to other businesses in town besides the Flat Tire.

I cannot say what the total dollar influx the trail has brought to the local economy of Madrid or any of the towns along the trail, it might be negligible, it might be a lot. What I do see is people spending money and enjoying the bike trail. And if all they do is enjoy the bike trail, I am happy.

#3 - bigjim posted Dec 27, 2014

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