YO! Just lettin' ya know that this event occurred in the past. So don't go planning your day around this one.


Mon Sep 01 2014 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park, Front Parking Lot
Carlisle, IA


The Roccaseccas


Mountain Biking

Distance - Unknown

Update: Surprising no one, this event is cancelled. Got a trail report from Banner: "And, we have areas in the trail system close to the water table that are flooded and very muddy still today. In short, the entire trail system will need all the vegetation cut, trimmed back and probably erosion repair before anyone will want to ride or race there." With rain forecast overnight, I can't imagine Ahquabi would be any better.  Go find some gravel, folks.

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Labor Day Weekend is a good weekend to do something crazy (but not as crazy as driving to Dakota for the Dakota Five-O).

Last year’s “Iowa Five-O, or Just Something Crazy” was so much fun, let’s do it again! 

On a whim last year, I thought “how many singletrack miles can I ride in a day?” I combined that with the idea of practicing the last two remaining IMBCS courses: Banner and Ahquabi. Then I put out an open invitation for anyone to join me.

A whole bunch of people showed up and “Iowa Five-O, or Just Something Crazy” was born!

The plan is to ride laps of Banner all morning and ride laps of Ahquabi all afternoon. This may or may not total 50 miles, and anyone is free to ride as many or as few laps as they wish at whatever pace they wish, showing up whenever and wherever they wish. Pick a goal that feels "crazy" to you. Invite everyone.

8:30 Meet at Banner (the large lot by the entrance to the park)
12:30 Meet at Ahquabi (the lot by the beach shelter, just like race day)

Pack a lunch ‘cause the first order of business at Ahquabi is food! Then laps. And beer, maybe some beer. 

This link shows both the meeting locations and a place to buy beer



Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park, Front Parking Lot

13084 Elk Horn Street
Carlisle, IA 50047




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